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Is bingo your all-time favourite game? Ever dreamed of playing it on your smart phone or iPad? Well, now you can with mFortune‘s mobile bingo app.

Play Mobile Bingo

At present, thanks to the advancement of technology, mobile bingo is getting very popular. People can now play bingo on their iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android phones. This has changed the game as now you can play your favourite game wherever you are. You can play with a group of friends at a restaurant or while you are at home in your pyjamas. There is no longer any need to leave the comfort and privacy of your own home to play mobile bingo. You can even use the bingo app while you are on holidays at a tropical beach or while waiting for your flight to board. The possibilities are endless!

As mentioned earlier, the beauty of mFortune is that you can now play bingo on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android phone. iPad owners will have loads of fun playing bingo on their devices as it features a large screen that provides more detail, depth and colour. And yes, even Blackberry phones that don’t have a touch screen can now join in the fun. mFortune made sure to do everything in their power to make sure that everybody can participate and play their favourite game of mobile bingo.

With mFortune, so long as your phone is connected to the internet, you are good to go. All you have to do is download the app on your smart phone or iPad, register, put in your information, and you’re good to go. This can all be completed in a matter of minutes. Alternative, you may also visit the website of mFortune, enter your mobile number, and the app will be immediately sent to your device. mFortune accepts payment via credit card and Ukash.

You won’t find a mobile bingo company as simple as mFortune. It is even possible to converse with other bingo players through the mFortune forum. Here users can discuss the game or even just get to know each other a little bit. The availability of bingo on smart phones and iPads has truly changed the game. Now we can be sure that even if the popularity of traditional bingo wanes, the newer generation of players will make sure that its legacy lives on.

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mFortune's Mobile Bingo App